The Core Centre

Pre and post operative care

We can help before and after:

  • Prostatectomy
  • Gynaecological and abdominal surgeries (for example, surgeries for prolapse, incontinence, hysterectomies)
  • Following surgical and/or medical treatment for gynaecological cancers

Our pelvic health physiotherapists can help you prepare for abdominal or pelvic surgery by optimising pelvic floor muscle strength. Post operative or post radiation treatments may include scar tissue management, pelvic floor and general strengthening, stretching and safe return to function. We will liaise with your surgical team to support you in the most appropriate way. 

Following surgery for prostate cancer, urinary incontinence is common. Pelvic floor muscle training pre-operatively, and restarted once the catheter has been removed post-operatively, results in quicker return of continence. Book your appointment for a detailed assessment. It is recommended that this occurs 6weeks before surgery.