Ingrid Vollweiler is a Musculoskeletal and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Exercise Scientist and Pilates instructor.


Ingrid has worked across clinics in New Zealand and Australia for 8 years. She prioritises the often overlooked pelvic health issues with privacy, calmness and empathy and will get to the source of your issue whilst making you feel at ease. 


With a fascination of sports and movement you will find Ingrid out running, mountain biking, skiing and ski touring, tramping and rock climbing. This gives her the drive to get you back to what you love and prioritising the functional movements you need to get you there.


Ingrid has a background in exercise science and can perform in depth analysis of your movement patterns and running technique and will provide you with an individualised program to get you back to your goals, whether that’s off the couch and trying your hand at a fun run or an athlete improving their performance. 



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