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We are a locally owned and operated pelvic health physiotherapy clinic in Dunedin. Our expert pelvic health physiotherapists have advanced post-graduate training, ensuring a thorough and individualised assessment evidence-based treatment for a wide range of pelvic health concerns. 


Ingrid has worked across clinics in New Zealand and Australia for 11 years. She prioritises the often overlooked pelvic health issues with privacy, calmness and empathy and will get to the source of your issue whilst making you feel at ease. 

With a fascination of sports and movement, you will find Ingrid out mountain biking, skiing and ski touring, tramping and rock climbing. This gives her the drive to get you back to what you love and prioritising the functional movements you need to get you there.

Ingrid has a background in exercise science and can perform in depth analysis of your movement patterns and running technique and will provide you with an individualised program to get you back to your goals, whether that’s off the couch and trying your hand at a fun run or an athlete improving their performance. 

Ingrid is a mum of one to her gorgeous little boy Mick. 


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Ainslie has worked as a Physiotherapist in both the public and private sector over the last 15 years.

Whilst working in Western Australia between 2011-2013, she had the opportunity to gain advanced training in Pelvic Health Physiotherapy. Her study and education in this area has continued to develop and she has attended courses throughout New Zealand and Australia. Ainslie enjoys working as part of a multidisciplinary team to optimise clinical outcomes.

Ainslie is empathetic and understands that pelvic health challenges can be sensitive topics. She is able to assess each person holistically; providing individualised management plans in order to reach personal goals.

Sport has been a big part of her life and she values the importance of exercise on overall wellness. She enjoys keeping fit through running, biking and yoga. This passion for movement shines through in her everyday practice. She loves spending time with her husband and two young boys at home and in the outdoors.

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Jemma Kearney

Jemma has worked across hospitals and physio clinics in Australia, England and New Zealand over the last 11 years. On return to New Zealand she developed an interest in pelvic health and went on to study more specifically in this area. With a background in exercise science and prescription, she believes in treating the whole body and supporting you in returning to whatever your physical goals may be. Jemma is compassionate, kind and strives to deliver the highest quality service. 

With a young family at home and a keen interest in sport and getting out into nature, you’ll often find Jemma out running, paddle boarding, biking trails or more recently dusting off the hockey stick for a masters tournament.


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Jay Main

Jay has worked across clinics in New Zealand and Australia for the past 11 years.

Once she began working as a physio, she realised the need for a deeper knowledge of rehab and biomechanics of the body and went on to study strength and conditioning. 

The physio and strength and conditioning led her to working with athletes for Basketball NZ and Rugby NZ as a physio travelling around NZ and overseas. 

After this she travelled to Melbourne to learn more about biomechanics and rehab. She worked with clients with a range of issues, from ongoing chronic injuries to elite endurance athletes wanting to improve performance. Over time, she started to see an increase in female youth, women during pregnancy and the postpartum period, and women during menopause. All areas she was passionate about being able to make a difference in. 

In 2020 she became pregnant with her first child and could see how difficult it was for people to access the correct knowledge in this area. This led to further training and she has now spent the last few years building programs for pregnancy and the postpartum period to try and help provide knowledge, guidance and empowerment for women during this time. 

As years have gone on, she has developed a deeper understanding on how her Pasifika culture helps the way she treats clients, understanding the whole person and their background also helps to get best results. 

Now that she has returned home with her husband and 2 children, it feels even more special to her to be able to help people in her hometown. She has loved being back around family. If not in Dunedin she spends as much time as she can in Twizel in the outdoors.

She might get back out on the basketball court this year.. Watch this space….

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